Global Fuel and C-Store Payments Simplified

We have partnered with one of the largest fuel companies to help them simplify their payment acceptance and to develop and present new electronic funds transfer solution.

Use case: How AEVI Motion simplifies payment structure

Use Case

Our customer required a single, but global solution to overcome national and proprietary specifics.

  • Supporting private cards and bank cards (incl. domestic)
  • B2B card acceptance
  • In- and outdoor payments acceptance
  • Supporting offline mode with acquirers
  • Dynamic acquirer switching (multi-acquirer routing)
  • Hardware agnostic solution (3rd-party AEVI-Enabled hardware)


  • Removing complexity
  • Availability: fully online, fully compliant
  • Homogeneous solution
  • One centralized payments hub
  • Future-proof platform (long-term strategy approach)
  • API-driven
  • NEXO (OSKAR) enabled

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Our Solution: Simplifying the Payments Infrastructure from 16 suppliers to 1

AEVI Motion helped the customer to create a new integrated solution to process card payments at their fuel stations, based in different countries across Europe. The diagram below shows how the number of payment suppliers was reduced from 16 to 1, improving flexibility, efficiency, and even transaction speed. Transaction volume increased by 40% across multiple countries.

phase 1

16 suppliers

  • 10 POS suppliers
  • 6 OPT suppliers 
  • 3 dedicated POS systems for value-added services (VAS) (such as loyalty, gift cards, car wash cards, etc.) in 4 countries
  • Offline fuel cards in 3 countries
  • Offline loyalty cards in all countries
  • Multiple payment protocols


phase 2

7 suppliers

  • 4 POS suppliers: 
  • 3 OPT suppliers dedicated POS for dedicated POS systems for VAS (such as loyalty, gift cards, car wash cards etc.) in one country
  • Online fuel and loyalty cards in all countries
  • Protocols: Fuel and loyalty cards IFSF
  • Bank cards: dependent on schemes or network operators


phase 3

1 supplier

  • All-in-one POS supplier (AEVI) with a centralized payment platform
  • Hardware vendor-agnostic solution supporting a variety of hardware vendors
  • Embedded payment software
  • No more separate POS for VAS


Simplified payment solutions for fuel and c-stores

The Improvements in Numbers

Currently the solution processes  60+ mln transactions a month globally and the number of transactions processed as well as the number of terminals deployed is growing every day with new deployments.

Currently the solution processes 60+ mln transactions a month globally and the number of transactions processed as well as the number of terminals deployed is growing every day with new deployments.

This is only one example of the many clients that are using our platform. We are more than happy showcase our capabilities.

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