The AEVI Platform

Managing too many payment technologies, systems, devices, regulations and methods worldwide?
It becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the changing demands of consumers.

The AEVI platform for simplified payment solutions

Connecting with AEVI Motion provides you with a Simplified Solution

AEVI Motion allows global fuel and convenience retailers, as well as solution providers, to manage transactions globally in a simple, seamless, consolidated, and more cost-effective way. The benefits are powerful. It provides you with a more efficient payment setup where any provider or technology can be ‘plugged in’. Enabling you with the latest technologies and payment devices.

Multi-Acquirer Routing
Easily switch between acquirers to ensure dynamic routing of transactions.

Payment Standards
Removing complexity and providing simplification in merchants’ local and global payment ecosystem.

Powered by harmonized industry standards such as Connexus and the ISO20022 open standard, making the end-to-end payments rail NEXO certifiable where applicable.

Re-routing, simplified payment solution for Fuel and C-store retailers

Easy Integration and Omni-Channel Readiness

API-based platform components enable customers to easily onboard new technologies, integrate with 3rd party business solutions, connect international as well as domestic schemes, and accept any type of transaction and alternative payment methods. AEVI’s APIs allow all partners in the ecosystem to seamlessly integrate with the platform and each other. Built with seamless integration in mind, allowing for cross and omnichannel solutions to be implemented quickly.

Easy Integration and Omni-Channel Readiness

Data Flow & Business Insights

Simplifying the payments chain with careful integration and orchestration of the checkout flow allows for payments and data to flow across channels and devices.

  • AEVI’s AppFlow service creates a workflow that collects, passes, and presents the correct data when required to deliver an optimal payment experience. 
  • AEVI’s merchant portal provides a holistic view of valuable business insights.
  • AEVI’s CloudFlow applies workflow capabilities in the cloud environment. 

API integration


Embracing a wide range of payment and non-payment devices to offer merchants the right hardware for their businesses to accept payments and create customer experiences indoor and outdoor. AEVI’s endpoint management allows for any device to be set up, managed and supported in the field and across borders.

AEVI Motion provides a consolidated overview

Transforming into the smartPOS World

As today’s classic EFT terminal is rapidly evolving into a smartPOS business tool capable of running entire business solutions, the content creation part of the AEVI Platform allows any 3rd party business solution to be
crafted into highly targeted merchant propositions to enhance the in-store customer experience with value-added services.

 Transforming into the SmartPOS world

We keep your Brand at the Center of Attention

The solution is provided as a full white-label and pass-through set of services that are invisible behind your brand.

AEVI Motion keeps your brand at the center of attention

 International Payment Solutions

We support national and international payment networks, mobile payment schemes and local certification requirements. See the supported schemes.

Supported Schemes

Supported payment methods


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